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The Internet is at the heart of what Keepa Digital does. Most of the time people think I design and build websites.

Which is true, but I prefer to think that I design and create effective ways to communicate with people. 

After all that is what good design is all about.

True web design merges skills from a number of different fields.

Design, Coding, Marketing, Photography, Copywriting, Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) and Project Management are a few.

What makes Keepa Digital unique from other "Web Designers" is Design. It’s much more than how a website looks.

Keepa Digital merges all of those disciplines to create a website that appeals to it's users.

The quality of that appeal comes down to what a business actually needs to achieve an effective online presence and as a Web Designer & Developer, I recognise that.

Keepa Digital takes the time to define those needs by talking with clients and gaining a deeper understanding of their business and the industry in which they operate.

From that understanding a solution is born.

Stay Tuned. More to come. Will fill in the gaps later...

STARWARS + 2000AD + DC + Marvel + HB, 2H, 3B (these are pencils) + LEGO + Sharks + Defender + Beta + Starbuck + Megatron + Mr Walford(art teacher) + SURFING + Guns N Roses + Psyco Stick + New Wave + Smashing Pumpkins + Gisborne Boardriders + TSOL + Corel Draw ……..more to come….

My creative formula.

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Cody Keepa

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Keepa Digital is a web
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