"It's simple really.
Listen to your customers.
Connect with their vision and find the best way to tell their stories."

I started Keepa Digital around the "Visual Idea" to offer high level production of digital content for clients.

Digital content shapes the way we communicate with our audience.
The consumption of social media has made visual communicating much more widespread and the moving image (video Production) seems to be the most effective way for our audience to connect with us.

Combining skills in video production, photography & website development with qualified design knowledge allows Keepa Digital to craft high quality, digital content for clients that want to communicate their ideas visual to the world.



We offer all aspects of video production from concept to screen, camera operator services, DOP and directing through to editing and post production.
On larger projects or when it is required, I work with other professionals as part of a team, hence the "we".
I also freelance as a DOP or camera operator to other video production companies or agencies
We use Sony and Black Magic Cameras with Sony G-Master, Sigma art and Canon Lenses.
We can produce tourism campaigns,  branded content, event coverage, interviews, drone services, news and broadcast media and we also specialise in filming from the water using Aquatech and Seafrogs water housings.


Pretty much everything that we can do in video production can apply to the photography side of things as well.
A lot of the time both are required on a project so I team up with a few of the local creatives to cover all bases.


A website is a must and if done well, can really express a business, organisation or individual.
We've built all manner of web projects from large corporate enterprise scale websites to charitable organisations, small to medium business and artists.

"All three combined will get you a pretty kick-ass slice of the pixel pie."

Get intouch today if that sounds like a bit of you.

I went into web early. In 1999 I discovered "view source" on my Pentium II and the rest is history.

Form there website development and graphic design were my main focus but I always had a camera handy and a passion for photography and movies.

Great photography and video content were always the aspects of a web project that were lacking or causing setbacks.
So I incorporated those services into the business to provide a single source solution.

Being able to offer all 3 helps with productivity and diversity when it comes to delivering high level projects and as a result, we can get a lot more creative during the process.

"I'm pumped on imagery.
Moving, still, illustrated, animated, you name it.
Anything I can lay my eyes on.
It just seems to be a language that I've always spoken."

- Cody Keepa