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Keepa Digital has built it's core offering around the "Visual Idea" to offer high level production of digital content for clients, or just for the hell of it.

Digital Content shapes the way we communicate with our audience.

Thanks to social media, it's saturation is now much more wide spread and the visual medium is what seems to be the most effective way for our audience to connect with us.

Combining skills in Videography, Photography & Website Development with Qualified Design knowledge allows Keepa Digital to craft high quality digital content for clients that want to communicate their ideas visual to there market. 

It's simple really. Listen to your customers, Connect with their vision and find the best way to tell their stories.

WHANAU + East Coast + Water + Marvel + HB, 2H, 3B (these are pencils) + LEGO + Sharks + Youtube + Beta VHS + Queen + Michael Jackson Thriller + Mr Walford(art teacher) + SURFING + Guns N Roses + Psyco Stick + New Wave + Smashing Pumpkins + GBC + TSOL + many more.

My creative formula.

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Cody Keepa

owner / operator / go-to-guy

Keepa Digital is a Visual
design studio based in
Gisborne, New Zealand.

(+64) 27 628 5055
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